We're Customer Minded

Welcome to Customer Minded Associates. We provide the highest quality retail store equipment to businesses throughout the country. While we’re proud to offer our customers an outstanding collection of superior retail store equipment, such as the MobileFold, we’re best known for our excellent customer service; we’re reputable because we put our customers above ourselves. Treating our customers right is our guiding principle, so whether it’s answering phone calls and emails, lending advice from our years of experience, or offering ongoing friendly and personable support to those who need it, we believe that going the extra mile for our customers is always worth it. 

Custom Products

If you are looking for custom products or just haven’t found what you are looking for, let us know.  Customer Minded Associates can custom design, engineer and build utilizing your specifications and budget like the SUP Board Display pictured here. 

Call us at 727-360-2323 or 800-682-5840 for more information.

Logistic Services

Whether it is domestic or international, a one time shipment or multi store roll out, we have you covered.
We have the capability of shipping full truckloads to distribution centers or we can drop ship to individual locations.


    • Receive the latest information on new product releases.
    • Be the first to take advantage of our seasonal deals.